Industry Notification Of High Temperature Plastic Vent (HTPV) Systems

Bard products affected: IH, IL, IC, ISG and MPG gas furnaces vented with HTPV.

The U.S. Consumers Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and many gas furnace and boiler manufacturers jointly announced a Corrective Action Program (CAP) on February 24, 1998. This program covers high temperature plastic vent (HTPV) systems that may have been installed with certain models of furnaces and boilers.

January 15, 2009 the CPSC issued press release #09-099 announcing changes to the 1998 recall program. This will effect program remedy changes for registrations after May 1, 2009. For complete program changes use the Release #09-099 link below.

CPSC Release #09-099 Link